Berry Mix 4-2-4


Fertrell Berry Mix 4-2-4- an all-time “must have” fertilizer for berry growers. Fertrell Berry Mix is a blended plant food specially aimed at more, bigger and tastier berries. Safe and easy to use, it works in most soil types. Best time to apply is at the end of the season.

The Fertrell Berry Program is designed for Organic fertilizers and how they work with different berry plants. The best times to fertilize are based on the plants’ need and to allow the nutrients to be absorbed by the roots in time to have an impact on plant growth and berry production. The Berry Program is available on our website as well as from your local dealer.  Berry Mix is available in 4 lb and 50lb bags. 

$2.00 off per 50 lb. bag through June 30th, 2016.

Berry Mix


Fertrell Horse Power

A vitamin/mineral premix which promotes strength, stamina and muscle tone. Add to grains for a complete horse feed.
$2.00 off per 50 lb. bag through June 30th, 2016


Fertrell Nutri-Sil Forage Inoculant


Fertrell Nutri-Sil Forage Inoculant Having good stored silages and baled forages starts with using topnotch forage inoculants. It is very critical to use Nutri-Sil to decrease the pH rapidly to begin the fermentation process. The lactic acid bacterium begins the fermentation process, helping the forages to retain more moisture, protein and energy value.
Nutri-Sil is a live bacteria that is added to silage and baled forages to assist the fermentation process. It causes the forages to retain more of their moisture, protein and energy value and increases the palatability and digestibility of the harvested crop.

10% off through June 30th

Available Sizes: 50 lb bag


Fertrell Nutri-Sil Water Soluble


Nutri-Sil, has been a very successful product in preserving of silages and baled forages for our customers for many years. Many of you, our valued customers, have asked for a water soluble product. We went to work and developed this outstanding product. Using water soluble Nutri-Sil will help with the palatability and the digestibility of the silage and baled forages. Water soluble Nutri-Sil has the same bacteria that our trusted Nutri-Sil has, which has been approved for organic production for 20 years.
Directions: dissolve one 500 g. pack into 50 gals. water and apply at a rate of ½ gal. inoculant per ton of product. Water Soluble Nutri-Sil will be able to be used in a variety of liquid inoculant applicators. Water soluble Nutri-Sil - 500 g will treat up to 100 tons of product.

10% off through June 30th

Available Sizes:Foil bag 500g